High priority: Job Openings for you I 25 Jan 2020 I 3D India Group - 3D India Group

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High priority: Job Openings for you I 25 Jan 2020 I 3D India Group

High priority: Job Openings for you I 25 Jan 2020 I 3D India Group

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Dear Recruiter/Partner,


We need your immediate attention to close following high priority positions…if you want to work on any of the JD please WhatsApp Jd Name with S.N we will allocate the same to you/your recruitment firm exclusively.


*Submit CVs to hr@3dindiagroup.com then must fill the job form for each candidate using link t.ly/3wdOw

Hiring for following IT/Non-It Positions- Only Immediate Joiner
1.       Principle engineering Manager-10-20Yrs, 80LPA, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Noida (4)
2.       Integration Consultant, 3-14Yrs, 30-40LPA, Noida (7)
3.       Data Base Technical Lead/Manager-6-9Yrs, up to 50LPA Hyderabad; (3CBARC5E3SIUM/DATABASETL69Y50LH)
4.       AVP(SBS)-Consumer Analytics-Banking/Credit Card 8-12, 50LPA(10), Pune/Gurugram
5.       Manager(SBS)-Consumer Analytics 5-8Yrs, 20-27LPA (20)Pune/Gurugram
6.       Sr Consultant (SBS)– US Consumer Analytics, 3-5Yrs, 15-20LPA, (20), Pune/Gurugram
7.       Sr Consultant(SIS) )– US Consumer Analytics, 3-5Yrs, 15-20LPA, (20), Pune/Gurugram
8.       AVP(SIS)-Consumer Analytics-Banking/Credit Card 8-12, 35LPA(10), Pune/Gurugram
9.       Research Analyst 4-7Yrs, 11LPA, Chennai (3CRRDO4NL4YSONS/RA47Y11LChe/4424120)
10.    Specialist/SME-BIS, 7-9Yrs, 13LPA, Chennai (3CRRDO4NL4YSONS/SpecialsitSMEBIS-47Y11LChe/4424120)
11.    Sr VP/Head-Digi-Tel Acquisition 13-16LPA, Mumbai (3CCI7TI1/SrVPHEADDIGITel1316Y80L30%VM/7124120)
12.    Security Operations Center-Manager, 9-14Yrs, 7-10LPA, Noida 3UDOMIJUBILIANT/MGR.SeqOP914Y710LN/24120
13.    HoD - Data Standards & Governance (Only MALE) , 10-15Yrs, up to 20LPA, IT Co. Mumbai, 3QCOVERMORE/HEADDATAST.GOV1015Y1320LM/22120
14.    City Manager(5) 4-6Yrs 8-10LPA, Mumbai. 6 Days working.  3UNOBROK76/City Mgr46Y810LM/7624120
15.    Pegasystems Pega Marketing-10 (FEMALE) Application Developers 3-5Yrs, 8-9.5LPALPA-KOLKATA
16.    Pegasystems Pega Marketing-9 Application Developers 5-7Yrs, 12-14LPA-Bengaluru Job Code:3CBACCT5RE25/PEGADEV57Y1214LB/52522120
17.    SharePoint Developer(Staff) 6-10Yrs, 16-18LPA, Kochi/Trivandrum , Kerala, India, 7 Post, Job Code: 3CBE42Y/SHAREPOINTDEV610Y18LKOCHITRIV./4222120
18.    SharePoint Developer(Staff) 3-6Yrs, 9-10LPA, Kochi/Trivandrum, Kerala, India, 5 Post, Job Code: 3CBE42Y/SHAREPOINTDEV36Y10LKOCHITRIV./4222120
19.    Vice President- OTC Derivative(Only FEMALE) - PUNE, 10-12Yrs, 40-50LPA. (3 Post), (APAC Shift) Job Code: 3CBBERC4LAY4/OTCDerivativeVP101250L/4422120
20.    Salesforce Sales Cloud-8 Consultant,  7-9Yrs, 23-25LPA, IT Co, Pune Job Code: 3CBACCT6RE/SalesForceSalesCLoud8.79Y2325LPune/618120
* For detailed Jd details contact the undersigned.
Shekhar T
Business Head, 3D India Group

Ph: 080-50626011 | +91 9620249496 | hr@3dindiagroup.com

www.3dindiagroup.com | : https:jobs.3dindiagroup.com

Job Application Form: bit.ly/2Z5Aopy
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