High priority: Job Openings for you I 31st Jan 2020 I 3D India Group - 3D India Group

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High priority: Job Openings for you I 31st Jan 2020 I 3D India Group

High priority: Job Openings for you I 31st Jan 2020 I 3D India Group

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Dear Recruiter/Partner,


We need your immediate attention to close following high priority positions…if you want to work on any of the JD please WhatsApp Jd Name with S.N we will allocate the same to you/your recruitment firm exclusively.


*Submit CVs to hr@3dindiagroup.com then must fill the job form for each candidate using link t.ly/3wdOw

** Before start sourcing profile MUST acknowledge to us and for exclusive job allocation call on 080-50626011

S N Interview Mode Priority Post Name Exp Range CTC Range #Post Job Location(s) Job Code JD Link JD Type
1 Walkin Drive High Full Stack Developer– Staff(8) 3-5Yrs 10LPA 10 trivandrum/Kochi 3CBE4Y2/FSD-STAFF35Y10L Trivandrum/Kochi/4230120 http://t.ly/3XPpd IT
2 Walkin Drive High Full Stack Developer(9)- Senior 6-8Yrs Max 16LPA 9 Kochi/Trivandrum 3CBE4Y2/SrFSD69Y16LKOCHITRI/4230120 http://bit.ly/2GFhrSl IT
3 Walkin Drive High SAP_MDG (Staff/Senior) 3-9Yrs 22LPA 9 Mumbai 3CBE4Y2/SAPMDG39Y22LM/4230120 http://bit.ly/36LTOCl IT
4 Submit CV(s) High Program Manager BTech 8-10Yrs 25-30LPA 3 Gurgaon 3CBGRE4YO2RANGE/PROGMGR810Y30LG/4230120 http://is.gd/4w6EF0 IT
5 Submit CV(s) High Global Capability F&A Lead-L7 12-15Yrs 25-31LPA 2 Bangalore 3CBACCT6RE/GLOBALF&ALEAD1215Y30LB/630120 http://t.ly/KMDLb IT
6 Walkin Drive High Full Stack Developer 02-Dec 20-32LPA 2 Gurgaon 3CBACCT6RE/GLOBALF&ALEAD1215Y30LB/630120 http://t.ly/LMkKg IT
7 Walkin Drive High Ui-Ux Designer (2D Artist), 1-5Yrs 3-6LPA 3 Hyderabad 3QPOL5W2IN/UIUX25Y36LH/30120 http://t.ly/X0P8O IT
8 Walkin Drive High Assistant Manager sales and team 6-9Yrs 7-9LPA 3 Bangalore 3UNO7B5ROK/ASM69Y79LB/7530120 http://bit.ly/2OcU1rM Non IT
9 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Php Developer 1-5Y 2.5lpa 3 Surat 3QeZeeTECHNOSYS/PHP15Y2.5LSURAT/83329120 http://t.ly/RK7l3 IT
10 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Sr Php Developer 2-4Yrs 3-5.35LPA 2 MOHALI 3QDBUGLAB/SrPHP24Y5.35LMOHALI/629120 http://t.ly/RK7l3 IT
11 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Php Developer 1-3yRS 2.8lpa 2 Mumbai 3DEVOLE/PHP13Y2.8LMU/83329120 http://t.ly/RK7l3 IT
12 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Sr Php Developer 2-4Yrs 2-4.2LPA 3 Ahmedabad 3QCONCENTTOLAB/SrPHP24Y4.2LAHMD/729120 http://t.ly/RK7l3 IT
13 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Php Developer 1-5Yrs 4LPA 3 Ahmedabad 3QAVESOFT/PHP14Y4.2LAHMD/83329120 http://t.ly/RK7l3 IT
14 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Assistant Sales Manager-Legal Services 4-7 Yrs(Hyd) 4-9Yrs(Mumbai) 3-4.5LPA(Hyd), 4-.5-6LPA(Mumbai) 15 Hyderabad, Mumbai 3QRAHLEGAL/ASM49Y36LHM/83329120 http://t.ly/RK7l3 Non IT
15 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Deputy Manager/Mgr-Govt Sales 8-16Yrs 10-14LPA 2 Hyderabad 3QFENESTABUILDING/DM.MGR-GOVTSALES816Y1014LH/429120 http://bit.ly/3aViZoX Non IT
16 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Senior Sales Executive (3)-Fmcg 3-10Yrs 3-4.5LPA 10 Hyderabad 3UDEMENEW/SrSalesEx310Y34.5LH/729120 http://t.ly/RK7lp Non IT
17 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Sales Manager (10) 1-3Yrs, 6-9LPA, 1-3Yrs 6-9LPA 10 Mumbai 3UWhiteHatEdu/10SalesMgr13Y69LM/730120 http://t.ly/2PM6j Non IT
18 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Relationship Manager 1-4Yrs 4-6LPA 10 Mumbai 3UWhiteHatEdu/10ReMgr14Y46LM/730120 http://t.ly/q8Vnp Non IT
19 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Project Manager, 1-3Yrs 6LPA 3 Wazirpur Delhi 3BQINARYBOOT/PM13Y46LD/83329120 http://bit.ly/2GttIsU IT
20 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Qlikview /Qlik Sense Developer 3-8Yrs 8-12L 5 Mumbai 3EQXPONENTIADATALAB/2QlikViewSense38Y812LM/83329120 http://t.ly/OMq3D IT
21 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Data Scientist, 3-6YRs 15-27LPA 5 Noida 3UJUBI7LAN/DSc36Y1527LNOIDA/724120 http://bit.ly/2t483nZ IT
22 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Manager - Black Belt/Six Sigma Certified-Process & Business Analytics – Finance, Fraud and Risk 5-10Yrs 12-18LPA 3 Noida 3UJUBI7LAN/MGR.PROCESSBA510Y1218LN /724120 http://bit.ly/2vuxTT7 IT
23 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Lead – Marketing Technology, 7-10Yrs 22-25LPA 5 Pune 3CBBJA65625JFIN/LEADMARK.TECH710Y2225LP/6562528120 http://bit.ly/38IzZwR IT
24 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High National Lead - Marketing, Marketing Technology (Java Architect/Solution Architect) 10-15Yrs 40-50LPA 2 Pune 3CBBJA91875JFIN/NATLEADMARK.TECH1015Y50LP/9187528120 http://t.ly/YXgED IT
25 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Senior Consultant (SBS)- US Consumer Analytics, 3-5Yrs 12-20L 20 Gurgaon-Pune 3CBCITY/20USConsuAnaSrCons(SBS)35Y1220LPUNE/5250024120 http://bit.ly/2tJlBG2 IT
26 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High AVP(SIS) -US Consumer Analytics, 8-12Yrs, up to 50LPA, Banking/Financial Services/Insurance, Pune, PhD/Master in Data Sc/Statistics from IIT/ISI/IIM/BITS, etc. 8-12Yrs 30-50 10 Gurgaon(Intvw)- Job -Pune 3CBCI6T3Y/10USConsuAnaAVP(SIS)812Y50LPUNE/6324120 . IT
27 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High AVP(SBS) -US Consumer Analytics, 8-12Yrs 30-50 10 Gurgaon(Intvw)- Job -Pune 3CBCI6T3Y/10USConsuAnaAVP(SBS)812Y50LPUNE/6324120 http://bit.ly/2RtIBSd IT
28 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Manager (SIS)- US Consumer Analytics, 5-8Yrs 20-27LPA 20 Gurgaon (Interview)- Job in Pune 3CBCI6T3Y/20USConsuAnaMgr(SIS)58Y27LPUNE/78750.24120 . IT
29 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Manager (SBS)- US Consumer Analytics, 5-8Yrs 20-27LPA 20 Gurgaon (Interview)- Job in Pune 3CBCI6T3Y/20USConsuAnaMgr(SBS)58Y27LPUNE/78750.24120 http://t.ly/jvAYJ IT
30 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Full Stack Developer, 3-6Yrs 4-6LPA 6 Navi Mumbia 3QTHA8U3GTHI/FSD36Y46LNAVIMU/83324120 http://bit.ly/30Sy5qW IT
31 Submit CV High
Sr VP/Head-Digi-Tel Acquisition (FEMALE)
  70-80LPA 3 Mumbai 3CCI7TI1/SrVPHEADDIGITel1316Y80L30%VM/7124120 http://bit.ly/2U9wpIn IT
32 Submit CV High Specialist/SME-BIS,   13LPA 8 Chennai 3CRRDO4NL4YSONS/SpecialsitSMEBIS-47Y11LChe/4424120 http://bit.ly/2O2RUX8 IT
33 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Senior Consultant (SIS)- US Consumer Analytics, 3-5Yrs 12-20L 20 Gurgaon-Pune 3CBCITY/20USConsuAnaSrCons(SIS)35Y1220LPUNE/5250024120 http://t.ly/RKLAZ IT
34 Submit CV High
Security Operations Center-Manager,
  7-10LPA 4 Noida 3UDOMIJUBILIANT/MGR.SeqOP914Y710LN/24120 http://bit.ly/36zYfja IT
35 Submit CV High Research Analyst   11LPA 7 Chennai 3CRRDO4NL4YSONS/RA47Y11LChe/4424120 http://t.ly/l8AP7 IT
36 Submit CV High
Data Base Technical Lead/Manager-6-9Yrs, up to 50LPA Hyderabad; (3CBARC5E3SIUM/DATABASETL69Y50LH)
  50LPA 5 Hyderbad 3CBARC5E3SIUM/DATABASETL69Y50LH http://bit.ly/37tTkSt IT
37 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High City Manager(5) 6 Days working. 4-6Yrs 8-10LPA 5 Mumbai 3UNOBROK76/City Mgr46Y810LM/7624120 http://bit.ly/2vjDCLt Non IT
38 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Corporate Sales Manager 3-5Yrs 3.6-4.8LPA 15 Gurgaon-Delhi NCR 3QGRACERELO/CSM35Y4.8LG/23120 http://t.ly/p87ZG Non IT
39 Submit CV(s) High Head -Data Standards & Governance -Global Data Protection Right of US/Australia, (Only MALE) 10-15Yrs 13-20LPA 2 Mumbai 3QCOVERMORE/HEADDATAST.GOV1015Y1320LM/22120 http://bit.ly/2NR3tkp IT
40 Submit CV(s) High Vice President- OTC Derivative(Only FEMALE) - PUNE, 10-12Yrs 40-50LPA 3 Pune 3CBBERC4LAY4/OTCDerivativeVP101250L/4422120 http://t.ly/6MmzY Non IT
41 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Pegasystems Pega Marketing-9 Application Developers 5-7Yrs 12-14LPA 12 Bangalore 3CBACCT5RE25/PEGADEV57Y1214LB/52522120 http://bit.ly/2NNfvv8 IT
42 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Pegasystems Pega Marketing-10 (FEMALE) Application Developers 3-5Yrs 8-9.5LPA 10 Kolkata 3CBACCT4RE5/PEGADEV35Y895LL/4522120 http://t.ly/q8y99 IT
43 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER 2-4Yrs 4-6LPA 12 Jharasuguda Kolkata 3QAUTOPLANTSYS/KAM24Y46LJHARSUGUDAKOL/83317120 http://t.ly/YRKk8 Non IT
44 Submit CVs High Product Head 12-15Yrs 35-50LPA 2 Delhi 3UGOA101/ProdHead1215Y3550LD/7521120 http://t.ly/6M59B Non IT
45 Submit CV Paused: Sufficuiiate Profiles Recieived Zonal Manager(2) 3-7Yrs 10-18LPA 2 Bangalore, Mumbai 3UPARKWH/ZM37Y1018LBM/140120 http://bit.ly/2tY6cBr Non IT
46 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Wealth Sales Manager 3-15Yrs 6-20LPA 14 Pune, Chennai 3UCUBEWEALTH315Y620LB/15FEB19 http://bit.ly/2sXaQ2n Non IT
47 Submit CV High Technical Lead (Java/Python and OOAD) 6-9Yrs 40-50LPA 8 Hyderabad 3CBARC5E3SIUM/TechLead69Y50LT1/9120 http://t.ly/YR6W5 IT
48 Submit CV High Sr Finance Functional-SAP Fico(Controlling Expert) 6-10Yrs 15-24LPA 2 Noida 3QSTECH5NIP/SAPFICO610Y1824L/15120 http://t.ly/r6K7x IT
49 Submit CV High Sr Dot Net Develope 3-8Yrs 4-7LPA 6 Delhi 3QALANKITLTD/5Sr.NET38Y57LD/83317120 http://t.ly/bLPEG IT
50 Submit CV Closed Social Media Marketing 3-6Yrs 8-15LPA   Delhi 3USIM/SMM36Y815LD/8120 http://bit.ly/2NafGAi Non IT
51 Submit CV High Senior Key Accounts Manager(5) 2-6Yrs 4-5LPA 5 Mumbai 3UNOBROKR/SrKAM26Y45LM/8120 http://bit.ly/2tKAIyj Non IT
52 Submit CV High SAP Master Data Governance-10 3-5Yrs 8-9.5LPA 6 Pune 3CBACCT4U5RE/SAPMASTER35Y89.5L/15120 http://t.ly/KBOmG IT
53 Submit CV High SAP EWM Technical - Senior 6-9Yrs 20-25LPA 40 Bangalore, Gurgaon, Chennai, Mumbai 3CBEY42/SAPEWM68Y25LBGCM/9120 http://t.ly/EDRNp IT
54 Submit CV High SAP Business Planning and Consolidation-9 5-7Yrs 12-14LPA 5 Kolkata 3CBACCT5R25E/3SAPBusiPlan9.57Y1214LK/15120 http://t.ly/5wzWd IT
55 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Salesforce Technical Architecture-9, Female 5-7Yrs 12-14LPA 5 Bangalore 3CBACCT5RE25/2SalesforceTechArchi 57Y1214LB/16120 http://bit.ly/2Tt90kO IT
56 Submit CV High Sales Manager-B2B-Soft Sales 1-4Yrs 5-10LPA 15 Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Navi Mumbai 3UPARK7WHEEL/12SALESMGR13Y510L6Days.B.D.G,Noi.NaviMu./191219 http://bit.ly/2Riua26 Non IT
57 Submit CV High RSA IGL Developers(4) 3-14Yrs 5-20LPA 4 Gurgaon 3USDG7/RSADev314Y520LG/7120 http://bit.ly/2QutHe9 IT
58 Submit CV High Research Leasder-IOT 7-12Yrs 20-30LPA 3 Delhi 3UAVA9SANT/ResearchLead712Y2130LD/231219 http://bit.ly/2Zzm5dn IT
59 Submit CV High Principal Engineer Manager (7), 8 8-11Yrs 70LPA 7 Hyderabad 3CB/ARC3CESIUM/PEM811Y80LH/21219 http://bit.ly/2tJrlQ6 IT
60 Submit CV High Oracle FMW Admin-9-Female 5-7Yrs 12-14LPA 5 Bangalore 3CBACCT5RE25/2ORACLEFMW57Y1214LB/16120 http://bit.ly/30lTEjm IT
61 Submit CV High Maximo-10 Application Developer (FEMALE) 3-5Yrs 8-9.5L_PA 5 Mumbai 3CBACCT4R5E/MAXIM.F.35Y89.5LM/17120 http://bit.ly/2QZthwl it
62 Submit CV High Manager IT(ERP / SAP projects) 12-15Yrs 8.5-10LPA 2 Ludhiana 3UMfgFirm/MgrIT1518Y1520L.Ludhiana/231219 http://t.ly/5xkZd IT
63 Submit CV Paused: Sufficuiiate Profiles Recieived Japanese Translator 5-10Yrs 40-60LPA 8 Japan 3CBWEL14OCALIZE/TRANS510Y4050L/9120 http://t.ly/v7yLx Non IT
64 Submit CV High Integration Consultant-– L3 5-8Yrs upto 17LPA 5 Noida 3CBKRONOS/IntConsL358Y17LN/7120 http://bit.ly/2T0Uctf IT
65 Submit CV High Exadata Administration-9(FEMALE) 5-7Yrs 12-14LPA 5 Pune 3CBACCT5RE25/EXADATAADMIN957Y1214L/16120 http://t.ly/2wm2k IT
66 Submit CV High Erpnext developer 1-4Yrs 6-10LPA 2 Indore 3UCAPITALVIA/ERPNextDev14Y610L6DaysIndore/191219 http://bit.ly/391C48a IT
67 Submit CV High Core Infra Tech Lead 6-8Yrs 40-50LPA 5 Hyderabad 3CB 7thEDGE5.3/TL68Y50LH/21219 http://bit.ly/3971z8c IT
68 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Channel Development Manager-IMF 5-9Yrs 6-9LPA 50 Bangalore, Delhi 3DMAX/CDM-IMF56Y79LBD/10120 http://bit.ly/36EDsfr Non IT
69 Submit CV High Caregpory Manager 2-5Yrs 20-25LPA 5 Delhi 3US2SSIM/CATMGR25Y2025LD/8120 http://bit.ly/37EXab0 Non IT
70 Submit CV High Caregory Account Manager 2-6Yrs 7-14LPA 5 Delhi 3US2SSIM/CATACTMGR26Y714LD/8120 http://t.ly/1wkLE Non IT
71 Submit CV High C++ Development Manager/SMTS-L4 9-13LPA 34-38LPA 5 Bangalore 3QABCAMAD5EUS/C++Mgr913Y3438LB/14120 http://bit.ly/2QQAajR IT
72 Submit CV High Birst Developer Admin(Birst, Tableau, OBIEE, 5-8Yrs 10-15L 2 Kolkata 3QSPAATECHSOL/BIRSTDEVADMIN58Y1015LK/15120 http://t.ly/2wM39 IT
73 Submit CV Low AWS BigData-8-Application Developer 7-9Yrs 25LPA 13 Bengaluru 3CBACCT6RE/13AWSBIGDATA8.79Y25LB/17120 http://t.ly/7M8jE IT
74 Submit CV Low AWS BigData-10 Application Developer 3-5Yrs 9.5LPA 17 Bangalore 3CBACCT4R5E/17AWSBIGDATA35Y9.5LB/16119 http://t.ly/EDAPX IT
75 Submit CV High Associate Director of Research & Development-Mpharma 10-15Yrs 1-1.10Cr 2 USA 3CBCIPLA10.5/AsoDirR&D1015Y90L1CrNewYork/191219 http://bit.ly/2MqKDQc Pharma
76 Submit CV High Associate Director / Director Enterprise Sales /SaaS Sales 5-10Yr 12-18LPA 3 Gurgaon, Bangalore 3UUNIHYR/AD.DirEntSales510Yrs1218LBG/141219 http://bit.ly/36ybKAT Non IT
77 Submit CV High Salesforce Sales Cloud-8 7-9Yrs 23-25LPA 1 Pune 3CBACCT6RE/SalesForceSalesCLoud8.79Y2325LPune/618120 http://t.ly/yMwrD IT
Shekhar T
Business Head, 3D India Group

Ph: 080-50626011 | +91 9620249496 | hr@3dindiagroup.com

www.3dindiagroup.com | : https:jobs.3dindiagroup.com

Job Application Form: bit.ly/2Z5Aopy
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