High Priority Positions: 15th Jan 2020 - 3D India Group

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High Priority Positions: 15th Jan 2020

High Priority Positions: 15th Jan 2020

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Dear Partner,

We need your immediate attention to close following high priority positions…if you want to work on any of the JD please WhatsApp Jd Name with S.N we will allocate the same to you/your recruitment firm exclusively.


*Submit CVs to hr@3dindiagroup.com then must fill the job form for each candidate using link t.ly/3wdOw

High Priority Positions
S N High Prio Post  Priority Level Location Exp CTC  #Post JDType Job Code JD Link
1 Sr Finance Functional-SAP Fico(Controlling Expert) High Noida  6-10Yrs 15-24LPA 2 IT 3QSTECH5NIP/SAPFICO610Y1824L/15120 t.ly/r6K7x
2 Birst Developer Admin(Birst, Tableau, OBIEE, High Kolkata 5-8Yrs 10-15L 2 IT 3QSPAATECHSOL/BIRSTDEVADMIN58Y1015LK/15120 t.ly/2wM39
3 Zonal Manager(2) High Bangalore, Mumbai 3-7Yrs 10-18LPA 2 Non IT 3UPARKWH/ZM37Y1018LBM/140120 bit.ly/2tY6cBr
4 C++ Development Manager/SMTS-L4 High Bangalore 9-13LPA 34-38LPA 5 IT 3QABCAMAD5EUS/C++Mgr913Y3438LB/14120 bit.ly/2QQAajR
5 SAP EWM Technical - Senior High Bangalore, Gurgaon, Chennai, Mumbai 6-9Yrs 20-25LPA 40 IT 3CBEY42/SAPEWM68Y25LBGCM/9120 t.ly/EDRNp
6 Japanese Translator High Japan 5-10Yrs 40-60LPA 8 Non IT 3CBWEL14OCALIZE/TRANS510Y4050L/9120 t.ly/v7yLx
7 Technical Lead (Java/Python and OOAD) High Hyderabad 6-9Yrs 40-50LPA 8 IT 3CBARC5E3SIUM/TechLead69Y50LT1/9120 t.ly/YR6W5
8 Channel Development Manager-IMF  High Bangalore, Delhi 5-9Yrs 6-9LPA 50 Non IT 3DMAX/CDM-IMF56Y79LBD/10120 bit.ly/36EDsfr
9 Associate Director / Director Enterprise Sales /SaaS Sales  High Gurgaon, Bangalore 5-10Yr 12-18LPA 3 Non IT 3UUNIHYR/AD.DirEntSales510Yrs1218LBG/141219 bit.ly/36ybKAT
10 Associate Director of Research & Development-Mpharma High USA 10-15Yrs 1-1.10Cr 2 Pharma 3CBCIPLA10.5/AsoDirR&D1015Y90L1CrNewYork/191219 bit.ly/2MqKDQc
11 Caregory Account Manager High Delhi 2-6Yrs 7-14LPA 5 Non IT 3US2SSIM/CATACTMGR26Y714LD/8120 t.ly/1wkLE
12 Caregpory Manager High Delhi 2-5Yrs 20-25LPA 5 Non IT 3US2SSIM/CATMGR25Y2025LD/8120 bit.ly/37EXab0
13 Category Marketing Manager High Delhi 2.0 - 6.0 Yr 15.0L - 25.0L 3 Non IT 3USIMS2S/CATMARKMGR26Y1525LD/141219 t.ly/dvqVz
14 Core Infra Tech Lead High Hyderabad 6-8Yrs 40-50LPA 5 IT 3CB 7thEDGE5.3/TL68Y50LH/21219 bit.ly/3971z8c
15 Erpnext developer High Indore 1-4Yrs 6-10LPA 2 IT 3UCAPITALVIA/ERPNextDev14Y610L6DaysIndore/191219 bit.ly/391C48a
16 Graphic Desgn High Delhi 2-5Yrs 3-5LPA   IT 3US2S/Graphic25Y35LD/8120 t.ly/eR3Je
17 Group Product Manager -Fintech High Delhi 5-8Yrs 30-35LPA 2 Non IT 3UGOAL/GPM58Y3035LD/291119 t.ly/GJYJE
18 Integration Consultant-– L3 High Noida 5-8Yrs upto 17LPA 5 IT 3CBKRONOS/IntConsL358Y17LN/7120 bit.ly/2T0Uctf
19 Integration Consultant-– L4 High Noida 8-13Yrs upto 21LPA 3 IT 3CBKRONOS/IntConsL4813Y21LN/7120 bit.ly/37HorJR
20 Manager IT(ERP / SAP projects) High Ludhiana 12-15Yrs 8.5-10LPA 2 IT 3UMfgFirm/MgrIT1518Y1520L.Ludhiana/231219 t.ly/5xkZd
21 Principle Engineer High Hyderabad 8-11Yrs 60-80LPA 7 IT 3CB/ARC3CESIUM/PEM811Y80LH/21219 bit.ly/2ENcfe0
22 Research Leasder-IOT High Delhi 7-12Yrs 20-30LPA 3 IT 3UAVA9SANT/ResearchLead712Y2130LD/231219 bit.ly/2Zzm5dn
23 RSA IGL Developers(4)  High Gurgaon 3-14Yrs 5-20LPA 4 IT 3USDG7/RSADev314Y520LG/7120 bit.ly/2QutHe9
24 Sales Manager-B2B-Soft Sales High Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Navi Mumbai 1-4Yrs 5-10LPA 15 Non IT 3UPARK7WHEEL/12SALESMGR13Y510L6Days.B.D.G,Noi.NaviMu./191219 bit.ly/2Riua26
25 Senior Key Accounts Manager(5) High Mumbai 2-6Yrs 4-5LPA 5 Non IT 3UNOBROKR/SrKAM26Y45LM/8120 bit.ly/2tKAIyj
26 Senior Manager, Technical Support (Application Support, Product Support, Application Monitoring) High Noida 15-19Yrs 32LPA 4 ITES 3CBKRONO/SrM-TechSupport1519Y32LNoida/191219 bit.ly/2Qp0WOy
27 Social Media Marketing High Delhi 3-6Yrs 8-15LPA   Non IT 3USIM/SMM36Y815LD/8120 bit.ly/2NafGAi
28 Tech Lead,  High Hyderabad 5-7Yrs 13-17LPA 4 IT 3UDeMeNew/TechLead57Y1317LHyd/281119 bit.ly/39LqMFC
29 Video Editor Low Delhi 2-5Yrs 3-5LPA 3 IT 3US2S/VideoEd25Y35LD/8120 bit.ly/2TaYI8q
30 Wealth Sales Manager High Pune, Chennai 3-15Yrs 6-20LPA 14 Non IT 3UCUBEWEALTH315Y620LB/15FEB19 bit.ly/2sXaQ2n
31 Angular Developer Low Gurgaon 2-4Yrs 4.5LPA 6 IT 3UAVICON/ANG.Dev24Y4.5L6DAYG/171219 bit.ly/2ZmsgRO
32 Front Developer Low Noida 4.0 - 7.0 Yr 6.0L - 10.0L 2 IT 3UCode&C/FED47YNoida/281119 bit.ly/2sQhjf3
33 Learning Consultant-Inside Sales Low Bangalore 1-4Yrs 4-7LPA 15 Non IT 3UGreatLearn/LearnCosn14Y47LB/101219 t.ly/mOXxr
34 SD2(DevOps) Low Delhi 3.0 - 5.0 Yr 12.0L - 14.0L 2 IT 3UPARK7WHEEL/SD2DevOps35Y1214LD/231219
Location(s) Delhi
35 SD3 Low Delhi 6.0 - 10.0 Yr 24.0L - 42.0L 2 IT 3UPARKWHEEL/SDE3.610Y2442LD/121219 t.ly/1dyRA
36 Ui/Web Designer Low Noida 4.0 - 7.0 Yr 6.0L - 11.0L 2 IT 3UCode&C/UI/Feb47Y611LNoida/111219 t.ly/q1zM3
37 Visual Designer Low Gurgaon 1.0 - 3.0 Yr 4.0L - 6.5L 3 IT 3UZiffyHom/VisualDesign14Y46LG/101219 bit.ly/2SiELMF
Note Hiring Recruitment Firm as HR-Subvendor to close following high priority positions on equal profit sharing ratio. If interested let us know we will allocate exclusively for you/your Co: For Job Allocation WhatsApp to +91 96202-49496 or Email hr@3dindiagroup.com
Cosultant Fee: 50% of invoice value
Shekhar T
Business Head, 3D India Group

Ph: 080-50626011 | +91 9620249496 | hr@3dindiagroup.com

www.3dindiagroup.com | : https:jobs.3dindiagroup.com

Job Application Form: bit.ly/2Z5Aopy
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