High Priority Positions : 8th Jan 2020 - 3D India Group

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High Priority Positions : 8th Jan 2020

High Priority Positions : 8th Jan 2020

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Dear Partner,

Please find following urgent/high priority positions...let us know your interest the same we will allocate.

High Priority Positions: 8th Jan 2020
S N High Prio Post  Priority Level Location Exp CTC  #Post JDType Job Code JD Link
1 Integration Consultant-– L4 High Noida 8-13Yrs upto 21LPA 3 IT 3CBKRONOS/IntConsL4813Y21LN/7120 bit.ly/37HorJR
2 Integration Consultant-– L3 High Noida 5-8Yrs upto 17LPA 5 IT 3CBKRONOS/IntConsL358Y17LN/7120 bit.ly/2T0Uctf
3 RSA IGL Developers(4)  High Gurgaon 3-14Yrs 5-20LPA 4 IT 3USDG7/RSADev314Y520LG/7120 bit.ly/2QutHe9
4 Principle Engineer High Hyderabad 8-11Yrs 60-80LPA 7 IT 3CB/ARC3CESIUM/PEM811Y80LH/21219 bit.ly/2ENcfe0
5 Research Leasder-IOT High Delhi 7-12Yrs 20-30LPA 3 IT 3UAVA9SANT/ResearchLead712Y2130LD/231219 bit.ly/2Zzm5dn
6 Manager IT(ERP / SAP projects) High Ludhiana 12-15Yrs 8.5-10LPA 2 IT 3UMfgFirm/MgrIT1518Y1520L.Ludhiana/231219 t.ly/5xkZd
7 Senior Manager, Technical Support (Application Support, Product Support, Application Monitoring) High Noida 15-19Yrs 32LPA 4 ITES 3CBKRONO/SrM-TechSupport1519Y32LNoida/191219 bit.ly/2Qp0WOy
8 Associate Director of Research & Development-Mpharma High USA 10-15Yrs 1-1.10Cr 2 Pharma 3CBCIPLA10.5/AsoDirR&D1015Y90L1CrNewYork/191219 bit.ly/2MqKDQc
9 Category Marketing Manager High Delhi 2.0 - 6.0 Yr 15.0L - 25.0L 3 Non IT 3USIMS2S/CATMARKMGR26Y1525LD/141219 t.ly/dvqVz
10 Core Infra Tech Lead High Hyderabad 6-8Yrs 40-50LPA 5 IT 3CB 7thEDGE5.3/TL68Y50LH/21219 bit.ly/3971z8c
11 Erpnext developer High Indore 1-4Yrs 6-10LPA 2 IT 3UCAPITALVIA/ERPNextDev14Y610L6DaysIndore/191219 bit.ly/391C48a
12 Group Product Manager -Fintech High Delhi 5-8Yrs 30-35LPA 2 Non IT 3UGOAL/GPM58Y3035LD/291119 t.ly/GJYJE
13 Sales Manager-B2B-Soft Sales High Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Navi Mumbai 1-4Yrs 5-10LPA 15 Non IT 3UPARK7WHEEL/12SALESMGR13Y510L6Days.B.D.G,Noi.NaviMu./191219 bit.ly/2ZnuqRf
14 Associate Director / Director Enterprise Sales /SaaS Sales /Software Sales(s) High Gurgaon, Bangalore 5-10Yr 12-18LPA 3 Non IT 3UUNIHYR/AD.DirEntSales510Yrs1218LBG/141219 bit.ly/36ybKAT
15 Tech Lead,  High Hyderabad 5-7Yrs 13-17LPA 4 IT 3UDeMeNew/TechLead57Y1317LHyd/281119 bit.ly/39LqMFC
16 Wealth Sales Manager High Pune, Chennai 3-15Yrs 6-20LPA 14 Non IT 3UCUBEWEALTH315Y620LB/15FEB19 bit.ly/2sXaQ2n
Shekhar T
Business Head, 3D India Group

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