High Priority Positions for HR Vendors I Jan 31st 2020 I hr@3dindiagroup.com I 080-50626011 - 3D India Group

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High Priority Positions for HR Vendors I Jan 31st 2020 I hr@3dindiagroup.com I 080-50626011

High Priority Positions for HR Vendors I Jan 31st 2020 I hr@3dindiagroup.com I 080-50626011

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Dear Concern,


We are hiring recruitment sub-vendors across India to for our clients IT/Non-IT positions on equal profit sharing module. Hence if you are a recruitment firm and interested to work as Sub-vendor on equal profit sharing module share your company profile to hr@3dindiagroup.com; we will give exclusive regular recruitment Projects for your consultancy and feedback within 24 hrs, payment within 7 working days once received from our end client. Option to work different geographies(India, US, UK, Gulf, APAC)

Some of our 31st Jan2020; high priority requirements areas -

City-wise:  IT/Non IT Vacancies- Jan 31st, 3DIndiaGroup
Recruitment vendors may contact us if interested to work on 50:50 Business Module. 
 hr@3dindiagroup.com I 080-50626011  I  www.3dindiagroup.com
Interview Mode Priority Post Name Exp Range CTC Range #Post Job Location(s) Job Code
1 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Sr Php Developer 2-4Yrs 2-4.2LPA 3 Ahmedabad 3QCONCENTTOLAB/SrPHP24Y4.2LAHMD/729120
2 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Php Developer 1-5Yrs 4LPA 3 Ahmedabad 3QAVESOFT/PHP14Y4.2LAHMD/83329120
3 Submit CV(s) High Global Capability F&A Lead-L7 12-15Yrs 25-31LPA 2 Bangalore 3CBACCT6RE/GLOBALF&ALEAD1215Y30LB/630120
4 Walkin Drive High Assistant Manager sales and team 6-9Yrs 7-9LPA 3 Bangalore 3UNO7B5ROK/ASM69Y79LB/7530120
5 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Pegasystems Pega Marketing-9 Application Developers 5-7Yrs 12-14LPA 12 Bangalore 3CBACCT5RE25/PEGADEV57Y1214LB/52522120
6 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Salesforce Technical Architecture-9, Female 5-7Yrs 12-14LPA 5 Bangalore 3CBACCT5RE25/2SalesforceTechArchi 57Y1214LB/16120
7 Submit CV High Oracle FMW Admin-9-Female 5-7Yrs 12-14LPA 5 Bangalore 3CBACCT5RE25/2ORACLEFMW57Y1214LB/16120
8 Submit CV High C++ Development Manager/SMTS-L4 9-13LPA 34-38LPA 5 Bangalore 3QABCAMAD5EUS/C++Mgr913Y3438LB/14120
9 Submit CV Low AWS BigData-10 Application Developer 3-5Yrs 9.5LPA 17 Bangalore 3CBACCT4R5E/17AWSBIGDATA35Y9.5LB/16119
10 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Channel Development Manager-IMF 5-9Yrs 6-9LPA 50 Bangalore, Delhi 3DMAX/CDM-IMF56Y79LBD/10120
11 Submit CV High SAP EWM Technical - Senior 6-9Yrs 20-25LPA 40 Bangalore, Gurgaon, Chennai, Mumbai 3CBEY42/SAPEWM68Y25LBGCM/9120
12 Submit CV Paused: Sufficuiiate Profiles Recieived Zonal Manager(2) 3-7Yrs 10-18LPA 2 Bangalore, Mumbai 3UPARKWH/ZM37Y1018LBM/140120
13 Submit CV Low AWS BigData-8-Application Developer 7-9Yrs 25LPA 13 Bengaluru 3CBACCT6RE/13AWSBIGDATA8.79Y25LB/17120
14 Submit CV High Specialist/SME-BIS,   13LPA 8 Chennai 3CRRDO4NL4YSONS/SpecialsitSMEBIS-47Y11LChe/4424120
15 Submit CV High Research Analyst   11LPA 7 Chennai 3CRRDO4NL4YSONS/RA47Y11LChe/4424120
16 Submit CVs High Product Head 12-15Yrs 35-50LPA 2 Delhi 3UGOA101/ProdHead1215Y3550LD/7521120
17 Submit CV High Sr Dot Net Develope 3-8Yrs 4-7LPA 6 Delhi 3QALANKITLTD/5Sr.NET38Y57LD/83317120
18 Submit CV Closed Social Media Marketing 3-6Yrs 8-15LPA   Delhi 3USIM/SMM36Y815LD/8120
19 Submit CV High Research Leasder-IOT 7-12Yrs 20-30LPA 3 Delhi 3UAVA9SANT/ResearchLead712Y2130LD/231219
20 Submit CV High Caregpory Manager 2-5Yrs 20-25LPA 5 Delhi 3US2SSIM/CATMGR25Y2025LD/8120
21 Submit CV High Caregory Account Manager 2-6Yrs 7-14LPA 5 Delhi 3US2SSIM/CATACTMGR26Y714LD/8120
22 Submit CV High Sales Manager-B2B-Soft Sales 1-4Yrs 5-10LPA 15 Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Navi Mumbai 3UPARK7WHEEL/12SALESMGR13Y510L6Days.B.D.G,Noi.NaviMu./191219
23 Submit CV(s) High Program Manager BTech 8-10Yrs 25-30LPA 3 Gurgaon 3CBGRE4YO2RANGE/PROGMGR810Y30LG/4230120
24 Walkin Drive High Full Stack Developer 02-Dec 20-32LPA 2 Gurgaon 3CBACCT6RE/GLOBALF&ALEAD1215Y30LB/630120
25 Submit CV High RSA IGL Developers(4) 3-14Yrs 5-20LPA 4 Gurgaon 3USDG7/RSADev314Y520LG/7120
26 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Manager (SIS)- US Consumer Analytics, 5-8Yrs 20-27LPA 20 Gurgaon (Interview)- Job in Pune 3CBCI6T3Y/20USConsuAnaMgr(SIS)58Y27LPUNE/78750.24120
27 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Manager (SBS)- US Consumer Analytics, 5-8Yrs 20-27LPA 20 Gurgaon (Interview)- Job in Pune 3CBCI6T3Y/20USConsuAnaMgr(SBS)58Y27LPUNE/78750.24120
28 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High AVP(SIS) -US Consumer Analytics, 8-12Yrs, up to 50LPA, Banking/Financial Services/Insurance, Pune, PhD/Master in Data Sc/Statistics from IIT/ISI/IIM/BITS, etc. 8-12Yrs 30-50 10 Gurgaon(Intvw)- Job -Pune 3CBCI6T3Y/10USConsuAnaAVP(SIS)812Y50LPUNE/6324120
29 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High AVP(SBS) -US Consumer Analytics, 8-12Yrs 30-50 10 Gurgaon(Intvw)- Job -Pune 3CBCI6T3Y/10USConsuAnaAVP(SBS)812Y50LPUNE/6324120
30 Submit CV High Associate Director / Director Enterprise Sales /SaaS Sales 5-10Yr 12-18LPA 3 Gurgaon, Bangalore 3UUNIHYR/AD.DirEntSales510Yrs1218LBG/141219
31 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Corporate Sales Manager 3-5Yrs 3.6-4.8LPA 15 Gurgaon-Delhi NCR 3QGRACERELO/CSM35Y4.8LG/23120
32 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Senior Consultant (SBS)- US Consumer Analytics, 3-5Yrs 12-20L 20 Gurgaon-Pune 3CBCITY/20USConsuAnaSrCons(SBS)35Y1220LPUNE/5250024120
33 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Senior Consultant (SIS)- US Consumer Analytics, 3-5Yrs 12-20L 20 Gurgaon-Pune 3CBCITY/20USConsuAnaSrCons(SIS)35Y1220LPUNE/5250024120
34 Walkin Drive High Ui-Ux Designer (2D Artist), 1-5Yrs 3-6LPA 3 Hyderabad 3QPOL5W2IN/UIUX25Y36LH/30120
35 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Deputy Manager/Mgr-Govt Sales 8-16Yrs 10-14LPA 2 Hyderabad 3QFENESTABUILDING/DM.MGR-GOVTSALES816Y1014LH/429120
36 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Senior Sales Executive (3)-Fmcg 3-10Yrs 3-4.5LPA 10 Hyderabad 3UDEMENEW/SrSalesEx310Y34.5LH/729120
37 Submit CV High Technical Lead (Java/Python and OOAD) 6-9Yrs 40-50LPA 8 Hyderabad 3CBARC5E3SIUM/TechLead69Y50LT1/9120
38 Submit CV High Principal Engineer Manager (7), 8 8-11Yrs 70LPA 7 Hyderabad 3CB/ARC3CESIUM/PEM811Y80LH/21219
39 Submit CV High Core Infra Tech Lead 6-8Yrs 40-50LPA 5 Hyderabad 3CB 7thEDGE5.3/TL68Y50LH/21219
40 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Assistant Sales Manager-Legal Services 4-7 Yrs(Hyd) 4-9Yrs(Mumbai) 3-4.5LPA(Hyd), 4-.5-6LPA(Mumbai) 15 Hyderabad, Mumbai 3QRAHLEGAL/ASM49Y36LHM/83329120
41 Submit CV High
Data Base Technical Lead/Manager-6-9Yrs, up to 50LPA Hyderabad; (3CBARC5E3SIUM/DATABASETL69Y50LH)
42 Submit CV High Erpnext developer 1-4Yrs 6-10LPA 2 Indore 3UCAPITALVIA/ERPNextDev14Y610L6DaysIndore/191219
43 Submit CV Paused: Sufficuiiate Profiles Recieived Japanese Translator 5-10Yrs 40-60LPA 8 Japan 3CBWEL14OCALIZE/TRANS510Y4050L/9120
44 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER 2-4Yrs 4-6LPA 12 Jharasuguda Kolkata 3QAUTOPLANTSYS/KAM24Y46LJHARSUGUDAKOL/83317120
45 Walkin Drive High Full Stack Developer(9)- Senior 6-8Yrs Max 16LPA 9 Kochi/Trivandrum 3CBE4Y2/SrFSD69Y16LKOCHITRI/4230120
46 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Pegasystems Pega Marketing-10 (FEMALE) Application Developers 3-5Yrs 8-9.5LPA 10 Kolkata 3CBACCT4RE5/PEGADEV35Y895LL/4522120
47 Submit CV High SAP Business Planning and Consolidation-9 5-7Yrs 12-14LPA 5 Kolkata 3CBACCT5R25E/3SAPBusiPlan9.57Y1214LK/15120
48 Submit CV High Birst Developer Admin(Birst, Tableau, OBIEE, 5-8Yrs 10-15L 2 Kolkata 3QSPAATECHSOL/BIRSTDEVADMIN58Y1015LK/15120
49 Submit CV High Manager IT(ERP / SAP projects) 12-15Yrs 8.5-10LPA 2 Ludhiana 3UMfgFirm/MgrIT1518Y1520L.Ludhiana/231219
50 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Sr Php Developer 2-4Yrs 3-5.35LPA 2 MOHALI 3QDBUGLAB/SrPHP24Y5.35LMOHALI/629120
51 Walkin Drive High SAP_MDG (Staff/Senior) 3-9Yrs 22LPA 9 Mumbai 3CBE4Y2/SAPMDG39Y22LM/4230120
52 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Php Developer 1-3yRS 2.8lpa 2 Mumbai 3DEVOLE/PHP13Y2.8LMU/83329120
53 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Sales Manager (10) 1-3Yrs, 6-9LPA, 1-3Yrs 6-9LPA 10 Mumbai 3UWhiteHatEdu/10SalesMgr13Y69LM/730120
54 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Relationship Manager 1-4Yrs 4-6LPA 10 Mumbai 3UWhiteHatEdu/10ReMgr14Y46LM/730120
55 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Qlikview /Qlik Sense Developer 3-8Yrs 8-12L 5 Mumbai 3EQXPONENTIADATALAB/2QlikViewSense38Y812LM/83329120
56 Submit CV High
Sr VP/Head-Digi-Tel Acquisition (FEMALE)
  70-80LPA 3 Mumbai 3CCI7TI1/SrVPHEADDIGITel1316Y80L30%VM/7124120
57 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High City Manager(5) 6 Days working. 4-6Yrs 8-10LPA 5 Mumbai 3UNOBROK76/City Mgr46Y810LM/7624120
58 Submit CV(s) High Head -Data Standards & Governance -Global Data Protection Right of US/Australia, (Only MALE) 10-15Yrs 13-20LPA 2 Mumbai 3QCOVERMORE/HEADDATAST.GOV1015Y1320LM/22120
59 Submit CV High Senior Key Accounts Manager(5) 2-6Yrs 4-5LPA 5 Mumbai 3UNOBROKR/SrKAM26Y45LM/8120
60 Submit CV High Maximo-10 Application Developer (FEMALE) 3-5Yrs 8-9.5L_PA 5 Mumbai 3CBACCT4R5E/MAXIM.F.35Y89.5LM/17120
61 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Full Stack Developer, 3-6Yrs 4-6LPA 6 Navi Mumbia 3QTHA8U3GTHI/FSD36Y46LNAVIMU/83324120
62 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Data Scientist, 3-6YRs 15-27LPA 5 Noida 3UJUBI7LAN/DSc36Y1527LNOIDA/724120
63 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Manager - Black Belt/Six Sigma Certified-Process & Business Analytics – Finance, Fraud and Risk 5-10Yrs 12-18LPA 3 Noida 3UJUBI7LAN/MGR.PROCESSBA510Y1218LN /724120
64 Submit CV High
Security Operations Center-Manager,
  7-10LPA 4 Noida 3UDOMIJUBILIANT/MGR.SeqOP914Y710LN/24120
65 Submit CV High Sr Finance Functional-SAP Fico(Controlling Expert) 6-10Yrs 15-24LPA 2 Noida 3QSTECH5NIP/SAPFICO610Y1824L/15120
66 Submit CV High Integration Consultant-– L3 5-8Yrs upto 17LPA 5 Noida 3CBKRONOS/IntConsL358Y17LN/7120
67 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Lead – Marketing Technology, 7-10Yrs 22-25LPA 5 Pune 3CBBJA65625JFIN/LEADMARK.TECH710Y2225LP/6562528120
68 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High National Lead - Marketing, Marketing Technology (Java Architect/Solution Architect) 10-15Yrs 40-50LPA 2 Pune 3CBBJA91875JFIN/NATLEADMARK.TECH1015Y50LP/9187528120
69 Submit CV(s) High Vice President- OTC Derivative(Only FEMALE) - PUNE, 10-12Yrs 40-50LPA 3 Pune 3CBBERC4LAY4/OTCDerivativeVP101250L/4422120
70 Submit CV High SAP Master Data Governance-10 3-5Yrs 8-9.5LPA 6 Pune 3CBACCT4U5RE/SAPMASTER35Y89.5L/15120
71 Submit CV High Exadata Administration-9(FEMALE) 5-7Yrs 12-14LPA 5 Pune 3CBACCT5RE25/EXADATAADMIN957Y1214L/16120
72 Submit CV High Salesforce Sales Cloud-8 7-9Yrs 23-25LPA 1 Pune 3CBACCT6RE/SalesForceSalesCLoud8.79Y2325LPune/618120
73 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Wealth Sales Manager 3-15Yrs 6-20LPA 14 Pune, Chennai 3UCUBEWEALTH315Y620LB/15FEB19
74 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Php Developer 1-5Y 2.5lpa 3 Surat 3QeZeeTECHNOSYS/PHP15Y2.5LSURAT/83329120
75 Walkin Drive High Full Stack Developer– Staff(8) 3-5Yrs 10LPA 10 trivandrum/Kochi 3CBE4Y2/FSD-STAFF35Y10L Trivandrum/Kochi/4230120
76 Submit CV High Associate Director of Research & Development-Mpharma 10-15Yrs 1-1.10Cr 2 USA 3CBCIPLA10.5/AsoDirR&D1015Y90L1CrNewYork/191219
77 Walkin Drive-Submit CV High Project Manager, 1-3Yrs 6LPA 3 Wazirpur Delhi 3BQINARYBOOT/PM13Y46LD/83329120


*Candidates may submit CVs to hr@3dindiagroup.com then must fill the job form for each candidate using link t.ly/3wdOw


Thank you.


Shekhar- Manager (Vendor Relations & Delivery)


Shekhar T
Business Head, 3D India Group

Ph: 080-50626011 | +91 9620249496 | hr@3dindiagroup.com

www.3dindiagroup.com | : https:jobs.3dindiagroup.com

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