Invitation: AM /DM(15)-Enterprise Sales, Mumbai, Gurgaon 6-10yRS, 7-1... @ Daily ( - 3D India Group

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B2B Sales Enterprise Sales Inside Sales Mumbai
Invitation: AM /DM(15)-Enterprise Sales, Mumbai, Gurgaon 6-10yRS, 7-1... @ Daily (

Invitation: AM /DM(15)-Enterprise Sales, Mumbai, Gurgaon 6-10yRS, 7-1... @ Daily (

B2B Sales Enterprise Sales Inside Sales Mumbai
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AM /DM(15)-Enterprise Sales, Mumbai, Gurgaon 6-10yRS, 7-12lpa, 3QMNSTR/AM.DM-ENTSALES610Y712LM/828220

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (map)
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Dear Consultant,

Submit profiles for Assistant Manager / Deputy Manager(15) - Enterprise Sales, 6-10yRS, 7-12lpa, MUMBAI

Job Code: 3QMNSTR/AM.DM-ENTSALES610Y712LM/828220

Job Description :
Function : Sales & Marketing
Focusing on Acquisition of new business, to grow potential accounts from existing value to its true potential.
Mapping the requirements of enterprise clients and providing them the best solution to meet their recruitment / branding needs effectively
Achieving sales objectives, revenues by selling, up selling and cross selling varied offerings including branding options
Customization of the training modules for the existing clients by maintaining good relationship thereby enhance usage
Sales Analysis, Usage review and planning vis-à-vis product analysis on a Quarterly basis to arrive at action plan
Closely monitoring competitor activities and assisting in planning counter strategies
•Sales management to drive both volume and value business

Candidates Should have:

Must be a Graduate
Should have 6-10 years of corporate / B2B field sales experience with hands on experience of entire sales cycle including exposure to Retention
Pushing new offerings along with core offerings to enhance penetration into accounts
Internet savvy and working knowledge in MS-Office
Should have demonstrated experience in handling value based / solution sales. Preferred industry experience is from IT, HR Space / Consulting, Media, Solution Selling, Office Automation, BFSI, Telecom, Dot Com etc.
Must have strong interpersonal skills, networking skills and ability to collaborate with various stakeholders
Should be a Team player who can integrate with the sales team
An aggressive personality, driven by performance would be a good fit for this role
Experience in handling HR domain products (ERP, Background Verification, Consulting, recruiting etc) and services will be an added advantage

Working Days : 5 Days a Week ( to )
Job Nature : Full Time

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