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FAQs for HR Sub-vendor / Recruitment Partners /Independent Recruiters with 3D India Group

 1. Role: Assigned/offered: HR Sub-vendor / Recruitment Partners /Independent Recruiters 

 2. Payment Terms: As per the agreement a fixed percentage of the actual invoice value received from the end client will be given to the Sub-vendor.

 4. Payment Days: Within 7 working days after the realization / received from the end client.

4.1 Payment Duration: Payment duration varies from client to client / Job to Job / Location to Location also will be mentioned in the JD.

 5. JD sharing method: All JDs will be posted on our career blogger page https://jobs.3dindiagroup.com; also will be notified via email and official WhatsApp +91 96202-49496.

 6. CV submission method: The consultant has to fill and attach/upload a resume using the file upload option in the job application form link https://bit.ly/31LBsQX. No need to share/forward tracker /resume over email.. instead just fill the job form

7. Tracker Submission Method: We don’t accept individual tracker of the CVs instead just consultants have to Fill and submit the “Job Seeker Application Form” using the link  https://bit.ly/31LBsQX  (mandatory)

8. Feedback Method & TAT: Feedback will be shared directly from the end-client within 24Hrs or within 3 working days. Login details to access feedback sheet will be shared separately or you may browse from https://jobs.3dindiagroup.com

9. How to know High Priority Vacancy / Walkin Drive Update: For the latest high priority vacancies or Walkin Drive updates please  browse http://jobs.3dindiagroup.com then follow tab High Priority Jobs or Walkin Drives or  contact your assigned account manager regularly also will be communicated via Official and WhatsApp. Direct link for high priority jobs: https://jobs.3dindiagroup.com/p/highprioj.html

10. How to get Exclusive Job for my Consultancy: The exclusive job will be assigned for the duration of max 3 working days and on the basis of past performance or ranking. For job allocation consultant has to reach /connect his/her assigned account manager either in the morning between 9-11 am or in the evening 6-8 PM. In the case of inactivity/ no CV receive in the next 24 hrs..JD will be withdrawn and allocated to another vendor. 

11. Can I get Exclusive Jobs City/State /Industry-wise? Yes, for specific industry /state/city level requirements you must have to coordinate with your manager.

12. Can I start Recruitment Work in advance …I will submit the Agreement Form within 7 days? Yes, the consultant may start the Recruitment Work but must take the Job Briefing / understand the working process by calling 080-50626011.

13. Do the 3D India Group charge? NO 3d India Group and its employee never ask for cash/kind in favor of the job from the Job Seeker/Candidate, the same is expected from our consultant as well.

14. Can I start recruitment work without account manager job briefing? It is suggested before start sourcing talents; consultants should take a job briefing / acknowledge to their account manager and understand the priority level of the job(s). In this way, the consultant may avoid duplication of the profiles and increase recruitment sales.

15. What is the working hours? Sub-vendors should be ready to take the call as and when required between 9 am-9 pm. Between Monday to Saturday.

16. Can I do the job posting? Job Posting Policy: Job posting strictly NOT allowed without the consent of the respective account manager, in written or as per mutual understanding.

17. What are the ways to communicate with the client? All communication should happen through professional communication channel e.g. email / Official WhatsApp with job code assigned.

18. How/Where should I get Vendor Empanelment Information Sheet?  Fill and submit HR Vendor Empanelment Information Sheet-Form: using weblink   http://t.ly/p8xBM 

19. What information I have to share with 3D India Group –before start working as a Recruitment Partner? 
·         An email Id where you would like to receive the job requirements/job notification
·         WhatsApp No. for immediate communication.
·         Seal/signed Facilitation Agreement Copy for our reference...which could be submitted within 7 days.

20. How to know the feedback of my submitted candidates? To know the feedback please browse https://jobs.3dindiagroup.com/p/new-fb.html

21. What is the average feedback time:? It varies from client to client but the feedback sheet is updated every 24 working hours.

22. How to get Client information, if I would like to start the recruitment work on a particular requirement(s)? To know the client name/information always WhatsApp the job code to +91 9620249496

23. How to get job briefing? For job briefing, please call on 080-50626011/50618791 
between 11-6pm, on working days.

24. How to know the project price/ recruitment agreement price? Our most of the clients are 8.33% to 36% but it not fixed..varies from client to client and geography to geography hence before start working on any project must take price information, company information and job briefing.

25. What is the billing cycle/payment cycle/salary date for vendors? We make the payment between 15-17th of every month.

26. Do I need to submit the monthly joining/selection report for payment, if I’m working as an independent recruiter? Yes, Independent recruiters must have to submit their monthly report on the 14th or 15th of the month.

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